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Letter To Dad

Dear Dad, 
I guess this letter is a little overdue, considering you were buried this week. But still I wanted to reach out to you, I have a promise to keep. 
I promised myself that there’d come a time when I’d tell you everything in my heart. So I’m keeping my word & I’m writing to you, for even in death, we’ll never part. 
I love you Dad and I always have, you’ve always been a hero to me. Someone to look up to when times have been bad, you’re someone I wanted to be. 
When I didn’t know which way I should turn, I’d ask myself what would you do. Then the answer was clear and I would find strength to see all my hard times through. 
I realize that there wasn’t much time that we really had together. But the time that we had was made even more precious for I knew we didn’t have forever. 
Maybe it was wrong to put you so high, but it’s a place I felt you deserved. Only a father can offer pure love and you loved me without any reserve. 
It makes me sad to think that you’re gone and won’t know what I’ve made of my life. But I know you’re in Heaven and that you’re looking down and you’ll see all my peace and my strife. 
I’m going to work hard to make you proud of your girl, to fulfill all your hopes and your dreams. I’m going to try hard to leave my mark on this world and to carry out my plans and my schemes. 
I’ll be someone that you’ll proudly say, she’s my joy and my pride. And I’ll owe it to you, for you’ve guided my way and always been there by my side. 
My Daddy Dear, I miss you so much and I miss the sound of your voice. But I won’t be alone, for you’ll always be here, death can’t take away that choice. 
You’ll always be firmly tucked in my heart and nothing can take that away. And when my time comes, I’ll see you again, a joyous reunion we’ll make. 
So I’ll close this now and leave you to sleep, your rest, you’ve surely earned. For you’ve worked hard all your life and it wasn’t easy having to worry over your girl. 
I never wanted to cause you concern or give you a moment of grief. My love was so strong that I wanted to shield you, so I kept all my troubles brief. 
I now know that you can see everything, there’s nothing to hide from you. But also you’ll see that God walks with me and you’ll have a brighter view. 
So goodbye for now Dad, we’ll talk again soon and I’m sure I’ll have good things to say. Take care of yourself and don’t worry about me, you know that I’ll be okay. 
It won’t be long before I will join you and can tell you face to face. That I’m proud you’re my dad and I’ll always love you, no one can ever take your place. 
Your loving daughter, Lacey

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Please God

Please God, watch over Daddy, he’s the only one I’ve got 
And I love him very dearly, please his name don’t blot 
From Your book of life on earth, for here I need him more 
He’s my oasis in a desert, when at sea, he is my shore 
I know You would be happy to have him join You there 
For he’s such a caring man, no grudges does he bear 
But please God, do not take him, there’s more here he can do 
Without his hand to guide, my awards here would be few 
I need to hear his laughter and see the love there in his eyes 
I need to feel his warm embrace as he soothes away my cries 
And it’s not only me that needs him, I have children as well 
And they adore their grandpa, with love their hearts too swell 
Please God, let me be selfish and want to keep him here with me 
Even though Your home is better, I beg you, hear my plea 
Extend his time for a little while, even longer if You will 
Don’t be in haste to take him, for I’ll never have my fill 
Of the fatherly love he gives me, no one could take his place 
I always long to hear his voice, always want to see his face 
Please God, grant my prayer and have mercy on this child 
Please don’t take my daddy, I need him for a long long while


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Daddy’s Tears

I watched the tears stream down his cheeks 
And my bewilderment was great 
Here was a man so strong and proud 
And his pain I did not rate 

I had tried hard to act adult 
And make my cares seem small 
I never asked him for anything 
I wanted to stand straight and tall 

I didn’t realize that what he needed 
Was for me to lean on him 
That I had made him feel helpless 
That he wanted to be my friend 

He felt that he had let me down 
When that really wasn’t the case 
It was I who had failed him 
For my life had been such a waste 

I laid my cheek next to his 
Our tears intermingled as they fell 
I stroked his hair and whispered comfort 
My heart was breaking, but I did not tell 

Here was the man that I loved so much 
Who had given me strength through the years 
And it hurt that I had caused him pain 
I didn’t deserve my daddy’s tears


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Seeing Is Believing

I see your smile
And I believe in your friendship
Because of it’s sweetness

I see your mind
And I believe in your intelligence
Because of it’s quickness

I see your emotions
And I believe in your honesty
Because of your openness

I see your heart
And I believe in your love
Because of it’s pureness

I see you
And I believe in you
Because of who you are
And I love you

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Where Is Daddy

Please tell me, where is Daddy
Why is he far away 
Has he gone to serve his country 
Is it meant that he must stay 

I wouldn’t even know his face 
But for pictures that I own 
And would he now remember me 
For you know how much I’ve grown 

I miss our time together 
Or at least the time we should have shared 
Because I have no memory 
But still I know he cared 

Please tell me, where is Daddy 
And when will he return 
To be safely in his loving arms 
Is the place for which I yearn


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Look Into My Eyes

Just peer into my eyes
And read my silent plea
Never leave me hurting
Please forever love me

Too many times I opened up
And let someone inside
Then found the one I cared about
Always said goodbye

The reasons are so numerous
But the results are still the same
I’m left alone with streaming tears
And my heart is full of pain

Please don’t leave me hurting
If you intend to walk away
Don’t find a way to touch me
Go back the way you came

The words will never pass my lips
But my message is loud and clear
If only you’ll look into my eyes
And see my heart waiting here


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Sad Serenade

The lights have dimmed
The crowd grows silent
As I step up to the microphone
My voice wavers ever so slightly
But no one notices
They’re too enthralled with the music
Even the misty tears go unseen
As I put all my heart
Into this final chorus
Because it is dedicated to you
And as my love and heartbreak
Reverberates around the room
Couples draw nearer
Tender smiles on their lips
As they again realize
That what they have is special
And then the curtain falls
An escape from the prying eyes
As sobs begin to wrack my body
I gave it my all
The applause is deafening
Cries of encore filter through
But I can no longer perform
The misery is too prominent
The wounds are too raw
My memories are like razors
Slashing through my poise
My voice shared the love
Now my silence sings of sorrow

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In The Morning

The day is waning
Full of promises
Of the upcoming night

Eyes of emerald
Lips of ruby
Entice me into love

Drowning my senses
With silky soft hair
And alabaster skin

Your kisses
Your caresses
Leave me reeling

A night of passion
We lay together
In a tender embrace

But the morning light
Reveals it’s secret
Of an empty room
Save me and her lingering perfume


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Don’t Say You Love Me

If you want me
I’m yours
For as long as you like
Just don’t say you love me

Lead me anywhere
I’ll follow
I’ll be right by your side
Just don’t say you love me

Promise me the world
I’ll believe
My trust is in you
Just don’t say you love me

You didn’t believe me
I’m sorry
You’re left all alone
You said that you loved me


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My Prince

My Prince, my Prince, my beautiful Prince
Rest your weary head on my breast
Let me soothe your troubles away
For soon I know you’ll return to the sea
Our destiny had brought us together
But the hand of fate is fickle indeed
In time I’ll be left to stand on the shore
To sadly watch your ship retreat
My Prince, sweet Prince, man of my dreams
Remember my face as you glide over waves
See that the love in my heart was pure
Though only a harbor in rough seas
Your sail will unfurl and again catch wind
So hold me against your chest gently pounding
Let me feel the warmth of your lips
Love lights up soft eyes tinged with tears
Your face being a direct reflection of mine
My Prince, true Prince, my dear noble Prince
Grieve not though our yearning is fierce
The time that we had can never be matched
No two hearts could ever beat stronger
Remember when you must turn away
This choice was not ours to make
Bless your way, stay safe from all harm
Hold tight the thought that you may return
That our paths may cross again in the time
That stretches before us like an endless ribbon
Remember the maiden you left on the beach
Whose soul now intertwines with yours
Hold fast to the memory of laughing eyes
And lips that curved upward only for you
Embrace me tightly for one last touch
Before you follow your destiny onward
My Prince, my Prince, goodbye my sweet Prince
I’m choking back tears as my heart overflows
Letting go of the Prince that I love