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Break The Cycle

So I’m trolling on Facebook, something I do about 30 minutes of every day and I follow a few different animal sites, so I get more than my fair share of furbaby pics. Well there’s this video of “Hero dog won’t leave his friend” and it REALLY ticks me off. This poor dog has been hit by a train and is laying helpless on the tracks while another dog stands over him, now that is beautiful, animals showing pure love, BUT who is this *sshat filming it and why hasn’t he done something to help? Especially when yet ANOTHER train comes and the dog is cowering on the tracks and his friend is forced to stand to the side until the train passes. I saw pure red, I was so mad… So I leave the following comment,
“This is disgusting!!! Help the freaking dog, don’t stand there filming it!!! NOBODY SHARE THIS CRAP!!! Take away their 15 minutes of fame!!!”
Of course I didn’t really expect to make a difference, but at least I put in my two cents worth. There! Take that! Feel the heat of my wrath in words because I’m not actually there to smack the crap out of you! Well well, somebody left me a comment, big surprise there, another chest thumping dumb*ss. She said “read my post”, so I did and this is what she said verbatim,
“He did explain the male dog was protecting the female dog so made rescuing difficult, it was only after a few days that he allowed the rescue home to help. The guy filming was actually filming just before the rescue.”
Well I’ll be! That just changes EVERYTHING! I’m so sorry! NOT!!! You sh*t for brains! (And never mind the “home for help” part. Huh?) So I replied,
“I read your post, I stand by what I said. It doesn’t take days to effect a rescue, ask any vet that has used a tranquilizer.”
I was polite and concise although I still seethed inside. I have this reaction to a lot of the senseless posts that I sometimes see and I’ve run the risk of upsetting some friends when they happen to be the unfortunate ones to share said posts. Like one I saw a couple of months ago, shared by someone actually pretty dear to me, it was a poor dog that had duct taped mouth and feet. The caption was “Scroll by if you’re heartless, share if you would help me.” I know she meant well, she’s an animal lover that goes out of her way to help homeless animals, but she wasn’t seeing the big picture which is, “Why the h*ll are you taking pictures instead of doing something? Are you the monster that did this just so you could take a freaking picture? So I blasted the post, not her specifically, but the stupid picture, she didn’t hold it against me. Whew… There’s a lot of this going on, cruelty to animals just so somebody can get their “15 minutes of fame”. Don’t perpetuate the cycle, if you don’t share it, it will die a quiet death and eventually people will stop doing this kind of stuff because they’re not getting the desired attention. Also perhaps it may help me to not be in a jail cell one day because if I ever see something and I actually have the opportunity to land my right hook instead of just my words, somebody’s going down!

Lacey ☮