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Be Honest With Me

Please always be honest with me no matter what the cost
Although it may hurt my feelings, at least my respect won’t be lost
If you’ll be big enough to tell me exactly what’s on your mind
I’ll be big enough to take it, please don’t leave me blind
I always know when something’s wrong, when things are not quite right
But don’t expect me to read your mind, for me, please shed some light
Don’t try to make it easy on me by denying how you feel
Because then I’d never forgive you, that wound would never heal
If you find that you must hurt me, my disappointment may be deep
But I would soon get over it if allowed my dignity to keep
Please don’t ever tell me lies, or the truth, don’t try to hide
If you’re always honest with me, you’ll keep a friend there by your side


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Behind My Back

Always I’ve tried to help you even when thrown back in my face
Always I’ve tried to be there for you but what you give back is a disgrace

I hear you whispering about me, you’re not offering me any support
When someone is talking about me, I’m convicted without any court

I thought you were my best friend, but that’s not true behind my back
You think that I don’t hear you when I’m placed under attack

So why am I now colder when you choose to smile my way
You question my intentions but I question now my faith

How am I supposed to trust you the one I counted on the most
Me and you against the world I confidently used to boast

I see you present two faces, the implications I can’t miss
I almost wish I didn’t know, ignorance would be bliss

Consorting with my enemies, no protection when I’m not there
I don’t know why, I just ignore her, I’ve often heard you share

Where’s my righteous indignation, the very same you fling at me
If I don’t silently fall in line because I’m not allowed to disagree

Perhaps I’m viewed as something less, not worthy of a voice
But that’s not how I see it and soon will have no choice

I will take a stand and fight, I’ll be the only one fighting for me
Keep whispering behind my back and I will take of you my leave

I thought you were my best friend but what friend would kick me blind
I’d be better off with no friends than to guard against your kind


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I Give My Trust


I place in you my faith
A rarity of trust not easily earned
Treat it with kindness
For I may never believe again
Don’t let me fall as I lean on you
For I have plunged before
And the pieces are harder to mend
With every plummet
Be faithful, be true
And you shall be rewarded
For I shall place in your hands
My loyalty, my devotion, my heart
To you I give my trust
Please don’t let me down


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I’m Afraid


I’m afraid of…
Your motives
Taking a chance

I’m afraid to…
Trust you
Believe in you
Let you in

Be patient with my heart
And forgive it for it’s fear
But it’s been broke too many times
And it’s afraid to let you near

Treat my heart with kindness
Maybe memories then will fade
And once again it will take a chance
And no longer say I’m afraid