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Seeing Is Believing

I see your smile
And I believe in your friendship
Because of it’s sweetness

I see your mind
And I believe in your intelligence
Because of it’s quickness

I see your emotions
And I believe in your honesty
Because of your openness

I see your heart
And I believe in your love
Because of it’s pureness

I see you
And I believe in you
Because of who you are
And I love you

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Where Is Daddy

Please tell me, where is Daddy
Why is he far away 
Has he gone to serve his country 
Is it meant that he must stay 

I wouldn’t even know his face 
But for pictures that I own 
And would he now remember me 
For you know how much I’ve grown 

I miss our time together 
Or at least the time we should have shared 
Because I have no memory 
But still I know he cared 

Please tell me, where is Daddy 
And when will he return 
To be safely in his loving arms 
Is the place for which I yearn


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My Prince

My Prince, my Prince, my beautiful Prince
Rest your weary head on my breast
Let me soothe your troubles away
For soon I know you’ll return to the sea
Our destiny had brought us together
But the hand of fate is fickle indeed
In time I’ll be left to stand on the shore
To sadly watch your ship retreat
My Prince, sweet Prince, man of my dreams
Remember my face as you glide over waves
See that the love in my heart was pure
Though only a harbor in rough seas
Your sail will unfurl and again catch wind
So hold me against your chest gently pounding
Let me feel the warmth of your lips
Love lights up soft eyes tinged with tears
Your face being a direct reflection of mine
My Prince, true Prince, my dear noble Prince
Grieve not though our yearning is fierce
The time that we had can never be matched
No two hearts could ever beat stronger
Remember when you must turn away
This choice was not ours to make
Bless your way, stay safe from all harm
Hold tight the thought that you may return
That our paths may cross again in the time
That stretches before us like an endless ribbon
Remember the maiden you left on the beach
Whose soul now intertwines with yours
Hold fast to the memory of laughing eyes
And lips that curved upward only for you
Embrace me tightly for one last touch
Before you follow your destiny onward
My Prince, my Prince, goodbye my sweet Prince
I’m choking back tears as my heart overflows
Letting go of the Prince that I love


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Today I Am Happy

It’s been a great day
It started with song
That beautiful sound
Of my morning alarm

I got to see friends
Whizzing by on the street
On my daily commute
To that place that we meet

You know the place
We have a daily invite
A card that we stamp
To get our paycheck just right

Only eight hours today
Please say that you jest
I’ll stay here forever
I don’t need rest

Then time to go home
Greeted by babes
The sweet furry kind
That tore up my drapes

Today I am happy
I awoke from my sleep
With a job to support me
And loved ones to greet


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Love is the most beautiful thing
That ever came to be
It’s lifting heights and deepening passions
Are greater than eyes can see

It takes the soul and the heart
To understand it’s meaning
You know the sorrow when you’re apart
That rips at your very being

But when you’re finally together again
And your lips can meet and cling
Then you know love’s sweet ecstasy
And your heart begins to sing

Love can be so wonderful
It’s as deep as seas of blue
As high as the tallest mountain tops
I know because I love you


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Am I Dreaming


Was it all a dream last night or did you hold me in your arms
Did you gently wake me with the morning light, did you enchant me with your charms
Were your sweet lips pressed softly to mine, your body warm as you lay by my side
Is this happiness that I’ve chanced to find or later will I find my mind lied
I still can hardly believe it’s true, but I’ve only to look over and see
A quietly sleeping, wonderful you and believe your heart you gave me
But still it feels just like a dream when I recall the words sweetly said
Or maybe some writer’s elaborate scheme remembered from a book I once read
How could it be that you really want me, a prince so handsome and true
Tell me what it is in me that you see, that you whisper the words “I love you”
If it’s true it’s only a fantasy, please let me continue to sleep
Let the smile on my lips continue to be, allow me my happiness to keep
I safely nestle in your embrace, I thank the heavens for smiling down
My fears are gone without a trace and sadness can no longer be found
You look at me with loving eyes, there’s tenderness in your touch
The way you feel, you can’t disguise, your face says you need me so much
Your breath is warm upon my skin, could it be you’re as real as you seem
A man like you, could I possibly win or is it all just really a dream


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A Glorious Ride


Reach out, reach out
Take hold of my hand
Come along for the ride
My visions are grand
All you must do
Is to follow me
I’ll take you places
I’ll set your heart free
I’ll show you Paris
The city of light
I’ll give you Rio
We’ll dance through the night
We’ll drink champagne
With the British elite
I’ll pick you tulips
A special Dutch treat
We’ll take a cruise
Aboard a large yacht
We’ll dig up treasures
That time has forgot
Whatever you want
Then that’s what we’ll do
No adventure’s too big
Our limits are few
All you must do
Is to come with me
And I will be glad
For your company
I’d have no fun
If you were not here
My visions would pale
And no longer seem near
Please say you will
With you by my side
I know that we’ll have
A glorious ride


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My Darling Child


My darling child, my baby fair
I hope you feel, how much I care
You are the light, that guides my way
To help you grow, it fills my day

I take delight, in every move
Although your steps, aren’t always smooth
Still you’re perfect, in every way
And in my eyes, that’s how you’ll stay

My angel child, my baby dear
Reach out for me, I’m always here
I’ll protect you, both night and day
I’ll always keep, your fears away

I love your smile, your every curl
Your sweet presence, fills my world
You are so warm, held in my arms
You hold my heart, with all your charms

My darling child, my baby new
You’ll never know, my love for you