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Sad Serenade

The lights have dimmed
The crowd grows silent
As I step up to the microphone
My voice wavers ever so slightly
But no one notices
They’re too enthralled with the music
Even the misty tears go unseen
As I put all my heart
Into this final chorus
Because it is dedicated to you
And as my love and heartbreak
Reverberates around the room
Couples draw nearer
Tender smiles on their lips
As they again realize
That what they have is special
And then the curtain falls
An escape from the prying eyes
As sobs begin to wrack my body
I gave it my all
The applause is deafening
Cries of encore filter through
But I can no longer perform
The misery is too prominent
The wounds are too raw
My memories are like razors
Slashing through my poise
My voice shared the love
Now my silence sings of sorrow

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Set My Heart Free

The air is so humid
But I’m still so cold
It lingers inside me
These icicles of loneliness
Encasing my heart
It’s a frozen shield
I’ve designed to protect
From further pain
But to shut out the hurt
You must also block out
All the simple pleasures
Like a baby’s smile
And sweet roses in bloom
I can only be whole again
To seek what life offers
When the radiance of your presence
Melts these chains
And sets my heart free


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Oh Heavenly Father

Oh heavenly Father, my only friend
Please hear my cries above the din
I am lost and all alone
I need a hand to guide me home
I no longer have the will to fight
Drenched in darkness, I see no light
Oh heavenly Father please hear my plea
Won’t you come and rescue me
From the depths of gloom where I now dwell
My life on earth is now my hell
Give me strength, please take my hand
And lead me to your promised land
Oh heavenly Father, full of love
Grant me mercy from up above
Forever quiet all my cries
And wipe the teardrops from my eyes
Take me to a place so bright
I never again will fear the night
Oh heavenly Father whose love runs deep
In your arms I’ll forever sleep


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I Miss You

You said to write something happy
But the words, they just won’t come
All I know is that I miss you
All I know is that I’m alone
So how can I be joyful
When you’re so far away
For all I want is to hold you
All I want is for you to stay
So forgive me if I’m not happy
As these words flow from my pen
A smile will never cross my lips
Until I chance to see you again


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The Sea

The kind restless sea
It calls out to me
And invites me into it’s depths
The ocean, it hears
My falling tears
And soft sprays wash them away
Against rocks it railed
As I loudly wailed
It’s rage was great at my pain
The waves wildly crashed
Because my hope was dashed
And in sympathy it pounded the sand
With sorrow it churns
As my heart yearns
And I know that we are as one
It welcomes me home
Now I’m not alone
And the sea pulls me under the waves


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Somebody’s Trophy

I’ve always been somebody’s trophy
They want me and fight hard to win
But when I’m finally won over
I’m tossed in a corner again
I hang upon a muscled arm
A pretty bauble to be admired
They show me off to all their friends
An object to be desired
But when it comes to time alone
They have no time for me
They spend their hours at work or play
No attention do I see
Always left to my own device
Until it’s time again
To take me from the mantelpiece
The trophy they fought to win

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Passages of light reach deep within me, but it does nothing to dispel the darkness. The glare of stained glass windows, the provisions of sun hurt my eyes and make me reel as it searches out the corners of my mind. Where to hide? Nowhere to hide from this invading force as it seeks to expose me. Let me be. Shred not what little dignity I now so desperately clutch to my heart. Seek not to destroy me, for already I am devastated with only a fragment of myself left to offer for penance. Let me be to sit in a corner and watch moonbeams dance across the floor and catch the dust to play a game in it’s last breath. Nothing, nothing, there’s nothing left. The will, the strength have all been drained. Swirling thoughts, ghosts of light now prick my mind to make me recall what was lost, what was forgotten. Memories, the memories of another time, another child, for I am no longer the same. No more do I exist, but for this huddled figure who no longer dreams.

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The Others


Here I am, I’m all alone
I have nowhere to call my home
Another’s bed is where I rest
The Others tell me, it’s for the best

I eat and drink what The Others give
And let them say how I must live
I have my dreams, they’re buried deep
I only live them in my sleep

What I want can never be
Because The Others, they refuse to see
What’s best for me is not the same
As what they want, must play their game

In the dark is where I stay
The Others, they take my light away
There’s nothing left to look forward to
My world is grey, there is no blue

I guess they think they’re doing good
To care for me like others should
I help to make their life worthwhile
I lean on them and The Others smile

They can’t see that I am strong
That they can’t right my every wrong
I need to fight to save myself
But The Others put me on a shelf

So on a shelf is where I stay
A glass doll made to look, not play
A dusty relic with painted eyes
The Others refuse to hear my cries

To work for them, then that’s okay
To bend my back to pave their way
Because what they want is all they know
The Others, they won’t let me go

Can’t put myself above the rest
I know, cause I’ve been through that test
I always give, there is no doubt
Always let The Others win out

So back to slumber I return
To find the peace for which I yearn
In my dreams I have no care
The Others, they can’t reach me there


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Hours of the Damned


The hours of the damned are long and they’re bitter
The sweet taste of life has long since been gone
I sit in the cold alone and I shiver
Waiting for the clock to say hours are done
Sweet dreams my loved one as you snuggle down under
A cover of goose-down keeping you warm
Dream of the springtime with flowers that shimmer
The sun warms your flesh as I never have done
Empty are the pages best filled with laughter
Laughter can’t live here with no soil to grow
I tried to make happy words and turned phrases
But deep down inside I guess both of us know
When the sun hits the rim and darkness has fallen
Black are the thoughts that enter the mind
And it hits with no mercy, lashing without warning
It sneaks up inside you and grabs from behind
I’m damned if I did and damned if I didn’t
The night becomes endless, tomorrow just dies
Trying to get through, but no one will listen
Retreat to the inside to hide all the cries
The hours of the damned are long and they’re lonely
But it doesn’t matter, the clock’s ticking away
There’ll come a tomorrow and I’ll be the only
I’ll hear the chime signal the end of all days


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Lady In Black


I watched a child approach me, with a question on his mind
I looked into his solemn face, and the smile I gave was kind
He said to me, dear lady, please tell me, tell me true
Why is it that you’re clothed in black, never red or green or blue

I stopped and thought how best to reply, to make him understand
Then said to him, please listen child, the reasons I have are grand
I am forever in mourning, from now til the day I die
For the lost souls of the children, who sit in the darkness and cry

There are so many people here, their pain it goes so deep
Their world is filled with violence, and they’re afraid to even sleep
There’s too much bloodshed in our time, guns and bombs and wars abound
Innocent people lose their lives, and their homes are burned to the ground

And then there are the people lost, in a world filled with drugs and drink
Their lives centered only on their fix, about others, they cease to think
And then there is pornography, and the pain, it trickles down
To fall upon both women and children, and their dignity is stamped in the ground

People are dying and our planet too, the diseases far outnumber the cures
We can no longer believe in our government, and the future that it assures
Families are homeless and in the street, the old are shunted aside
The young are destroyed before they begin, and the frightened have no where to hide

The prisons are overcrowded now, and can no longer lock away
The people who’ve caused such misery, so they’re free to stalk their prey
I mourn for all the souls who face, poverty and hunger all their lives
I mourn for children who have no parents, and husbands who’ve lost their wives

Everyday you read the news, and the headlines are all the same
About rapes and murders and muggings, and even more that I could name
I mourn for all the injustice, done both to women and to men
But especially for the children, for the protection for them is thin

They sit alone in the darkness, and their fears they try to hide
Because of all the abuse they’ve faced, and there’s no answer when they’ve cried
Both physically and mentally, the anguish is everywhere
But there’s nothing more that I can do, except wear black to show I care