Look Into My Eyes

Just peer into my eyesAnd read my silent pleaNever leave me hurtingPlease forever love me Too many times I opened upAnd let someone insideThen found the one I cared aboutAlways said goodbye The reasons are so numerousBut the results are still the sameI'm left alone with streaming tearsAnd my heart is full of pain Please... Continue Reading →

In The Morning

The day is waningFull of promisesOf the upcoming night Eyes of emeraldLips of rubyEntice me into love Drowning my sensesWith silky soft hairAnd alabaster skin Your kissesYour caressesLeave me reeling A night of passionWe lay togetherIn a tender embrace But the morning lightReveals it's secretOf an empty roomSave me and her lingering perfume *Lacey*

A Glimpse Within

I've always heard the eyes Are the windows to our soul But if you want a glimpse within Read poetry, then you'll know Everyone is different And the words they write reflect Everything that's in their heart And the things they can't forget Some use imagination To bring a point across But the root is... Continue Reading →


The rock was strong and sturdy, it's face craggy and pitted from the winds of time. The entire weight of the mountain rested upon this rock, day after day, night after night, yet the rock never murmured, never groaned. One day a tiny fissure appeared, but it was ignored. The crowd announced that this rock... Continue Reading →

Lonely Soul

I am a lonely soul With no one to call my own There's no one here to hold me Love, I've never known I sit alone at night And watch couples strolling by Hand in hand they walk Lonely tears, they never cry I peer out through my window Many people do I see And... Continue Reading →

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