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Look Into My Eyes

Just peer into my eyes
And read my silent plea
Never leave me hurting
Please forever love me

Too many times I opened up
And let someone inside
Then found the one I cared about
Always said goodbye

The reasons are so numerous
But the results are still the same
I’m left alone with streaming tears
And my heart is full of pain

Please don’t leave me hurting
If you intend to walk away
Don’t find a way to touch me
Go back the way you came

The words will never pass my lips
But my message is loud and clear
If only you’ll look into my eyes
And see my heart waiting here


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In The Morning

The day is waning
Full of promises
Of the upcoming night

Eyes of emerald
Lips of ruby
Entice me into love

Drowning my senses
With silky soft hair
And alabaster skin

Your kisses
Your caresses
Leave me reeling

A night of passion
We lay together
In a tender embrace

But the morning light
Reveals it’s secret
Of an empty room
Save me and her lingering perfume


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A Glimpse Within


I’ve always heard the eyes
Are the windows to our soul
But if you want a glimpse within
Read poetry, then you’ll know
Everyone is different
And the words they write reflect
Everything that’s in their heart
And the things they can’t forget
Some use imagination
To bring a point across
But the root is in reality
And the truth is never lost
So if you want to see my heart
And everything it holds
I invite you to a glimpse within
My poetry is my soul


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The rock was strong and sturdy, it’s face craggy and pitted from the winds of time. The entire weight of the mountain rested upon this rock, day after day, night after night, yet the rock never murmured, never groaned. One day a tiny fissure appeared, but it was ignored. The crowd announced that this rock so strong, that it would stand forever and they continued on with their lives. Trash was strewn about on the ground it rested on and graffiti marred it’s once pristine face. The crack grew larger and continued to deepen, but the crowd walked by with unseeing eyes. Then one day, with a low rumble, the rock split in two and crumbled into pieces, into tiny pebbles, and the crowd marveled as the entire mountain came down in a cloud of dust. Then they continued on their own path, kicking the pebbles out of their way.


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Lonely Soul


I am a lonely soul
With no one to call my own
There’s no one here to hold me
Love, I’ve never known

I sit alone at night
And watch couples strolling by
Hand in hand they walk
Lonely tears, they never cry

I peer out through my window
Many people do I see
And I wonder if perhaps
One is meant for me

Alone, is the role I play
So I guess I’ll never know
There’s no one by my side
I’m just a lonely soul