Letter To Dad

Dear Dad, I guess this letter is a little overdue, considering you were buried this week. But still I wanted to reach out to you, I have a promise to keep. I promised myself that there'd come a time when I'd tell you everything in my heart. So I'm keeping my word & I'm writing to you,... Continue Reading →

Please God

Please God, watch over Daddy, he's the only one I've got And I love him very dearly, please his name don't blot From Your book of life on earth, for here I need him more He's my oasis in a desert, when at sea, he is my shore I know You would be happy to have him join You... Continue Reading →

Cinnamon Sugar

1 Tablespoon Cinnamon1/4 cup sugar Pour both into a plastic sandwich bag and shake until well blended. Store in an empty spice jar. Sprinkle on buttered toast, french toast, pancakes, streusel cake, muffins, hot cocoa, oatmeal, anything and everything! Lacey 🥧

Daddy’s Tears

I watched the tears stream down his cheeks And my bewilderment was great Here was a man so strong and proud And his pain I did not rate  I had tried hard to act adult And make my cares seem small I never asked him for anything I wanted to stand straight and tall  I didn't realize that what he needed Was... Continue Reading →

Seeing Is Believing

I see your smileAnd I believe in your friendshipBecause of it's sweetness I see your mindAnd I believe in your intelligenceBecause of it's quickness I see your emotionsAnd I believe in your honestyBecause of your openness I see your heartAnd I believe in your loveBecause of it's pureness I see youAnd I believe in youBecause... Continue Reading →

Where Is Daddy

Please tell me, where is Daddy Why is he far away Has he gone to serve his country Is it meant that he must stay  I wouldn't even know his face But for pictures that I own And would he now remember me For you know how much I've grown  I miss our time together Or at least the time we... Continue Reading →

Look Into My Eyes

Just peer into my eyesAnd read my silent pleaNever leave me hurtingPlease forever love me Too many times I opened upAnd let someone insideThen found the one I cared aboutAlways said goodbye The reasons are so numerousBut the results are still the sameI'm left alone with streaming tearsAnd my heart is full of pain Please... Continue Reading →

Sad Serenade

The lights have dimmedThe crowd grows silentAs I step up to the microphoneMy voice wavers ever so slightlyBut no one noticesThey're too enthralled with the musicEven the misty tears go unseenAs I put all my heartInto this final chorusBecause it is dedicated to youAnd as my love and heartbreakReverberates around the roomCouples draw nearerTender smiles... Continue Reading →

In The Morning

The day is waningFull of promisesOf the upcoming night Eyes of emeraldLips of rubyEntice me into love Drowning my sensesWith silky soft hairAnd alabaster skin Your kissesYour caressesLeave me reeling A night of passionWe lay togetherIn a tender embrace But the morning lightReveals it's secretOf an empty roomSave me and her lingering perfume *Lacey*

Don’t Say You Love Me

If you want meI'm yoursFor as long as you likeJust don't say you love me Lead me anywhereI'll followI'll be right by your sideJust don't say you love me Promise me the worldI'll believeMy trust is in youJust don't say you love me You didn't believe meI'm sorryYou're left all aloneYou said that you loved... Continue Reading →

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