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Damaged people loving people
Because we all have our secrets
People turn from damaged people
Because they all have their secrets

You can’t help me, I can’t save you
I can’t change me, but I want to
Look beneath this tattooed armor
You will find a man of honor

But you have to dig…

My mother never loved me
My father never tried
I don’t like the way you cry
When you can’t tell me why

Vicious is this cycle
We’re all caught up in the lies
Can you tell me why…

People search for damaged people
A kindred spirit they can cling to
Damaged people they can’t trust you
Are your secrets all that hold you

Let me love you, I can’t love you
Let me trust you, I don’t need you
Let me hold you, you can’t touch me
Don’t give up please, you can find me

But you have to dig…

Repeat Chorus-