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Hours of the Damned


The hours of the damned are long and they’re bitter
The sweet taste of life has long since been gone
I sit in the cold alone and I shiver
Waiting for the clock to say hours are done
Sweet dreams my loved one as you snuggle down under
A cover of goose-down keeping you warm
Dream of the springtime with flowers that shimmer
The sun warms your flesh as I never have done
Empty are the pages best filled with laughter
Laughter can’t live here with no soil to grow
I tried to make happy words and turned phrases
But deep down inside I guess both of us know
When the sun hits the rim and darkness has fallen
Black are the thoughts that enter the mind
And it hits with no mercy, lashing without warning
It sneaks up inside you and grabs from behind
I’m damned if I did and damned if I didn’t
The night becomes endless, tomorrow just dies
Trying to get through, but no one will listen
Retreat to the inside to hide all the cries
The hours of the damned are long and they’re lonely
But it doesn’t matter, the clock’s ticking away
There’ll come a tomorrow and I’ll be the only
I’ll hear the chime signal the end of all days