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Lady In Black


I watched a child approach me, with a question on his mind
I looked into his solemn face, and the smile I gave was kind
He said to me, dear lady, please tell me, tell me true
Why is it that you’re clothed in black, never red or green or blue

I stopped and thought how best to reply, to make him understand
Then said to him, please listen child, the reasons I have are grand
I am forever in mourning, from now til the day I die
For the lost souls of the children, who sit in the darkness and cry

There are so many people here, their pain it goes so deep
Their world is filled with violence, and they’re afraid to even sleep
There’s too much bloodshed in our time, guns and bombs and wars abound
Innocent people lose their lives, and their homes are burned to the ground

And then there are the people lost, in a world filled with drugs and drink
Their lives centered only on their fix, about others, they cease to think
And then there is pornography, and the pain, it trickles down
To fall upon both women and children, and their dignity is stamped in the ground

People are dying and our planet too, the diseases far outnumber the cures
We can no longer believe in our government, and the future that it assures
Families are homeless and in the street, the old are shunted aside
The young are destroyed before they begin, and the frightened have no where to hide

The prisons are overcrowded now, and can no longer lock away
The people who’ve caused such misery, so they’re free to stalk their prey
I mourn for all the souls who face, poverty and hunger all their lives
I mourn for children who have no parents, and husbands who’ve lost their wives

Everyday you read the news, and the headlines are all the same
About rapes and murders and muggings, and even more that I could name
I mourn for all the injustice, done both to women and to men
But especially for the children, for the protection for them is thin

They sit alone in the darkness, and their fears they try to hide
Because of all the abuse they’ve faced, and there’s no answer when they’ve cried
Both physically and mentally, the anguish is everywhere
But there’s nothing more that I can do, except wear black to show I care