What Is Loyalty

So I sat down today determined to write about something, but I really wasn't sure what it was that I wanted to address. There's a number of things that have been running through my mind, some I would like to share, more still that I wouldn't for various reasons.I've been thinking a lot about loyalty... Continue Reading →

Break The Cycle

So I'm trolling on Facebook, something I do about 30 minutes of every day and I follow a few different animal sites, so I get more than my fair share of furbaby pics. Well there's this video of "Hero dog won't leave his friend" and it REALLY ticks me off. This poor dog has been... Continue Reading →

Seize The Day

At the beginning of every new year everybody does the same old thing, make New Year's resolutions. I quit participating in this annual ritual some years back, but this year, I'm diving right back in again. This new year is going to be the beginning of a new me! New do, that's number one, because... Continue Reading →

Pet Me…

Our 8 year old puppy hasn't been feeling well and my honey was laying down next to him on the floor, stroking him, petting him, talking to him soothingly and I thought "You know, that's really sweet, I never get petted like that when I don't feel so good, I'd like to be babied like... Continue Reading →


Friends of Tennessee's Babies with Special Needs... I recently had the opportunity to speak with one of the "Volunteers of the Year" at fotbabies.org and he was so passionate while speaking about the work that he's been doing for this organization that I felt compelled to go and check it out. Of course he literally... Continue Reading →

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