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Passages of light reach deep within me, but it does nothing to dispel the darkness. The glare of stained glass windows, the provisions of sun hurt my eyes and make me reel as it searches out the corners of my mind. Where to hide? Nowhere to hide from this invading force as it seeks to expose me. Let me be. Shred not what little dignity I now so desperately clutch to my heart. Seek not to destroy me, for already I am devastated with only a fragment of myself left to offer for penance. Let me be to sit in a corner and watch moonbeams dance across the floor and catch the dust to play a game in it’s last breath. Nothing, nothing, there’s nothing left. The will, the strength have all been drained. Swirling thoughts, ghosts of light now prick my mind to make me recall what was lost, what was forgotten. Memories, the memories of another time, another child, for I am no longer the same. No more do I exist, but for this huddled figure who no longer dreams.