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Seize The Day

At the beginning of every new year everybody does the same old thing, make New Year’s resolutions. I quit participating in this annual ritual some years back, but this year, I’m diving right back in again. This new year is going to be the beginning of a new me!
New do, that’s number one, because I thought that I could embrace the silver and rock that, but uhm, no… not liking that at all.
Losing weight is number two, big surprise there! 😂 Seriously though, I’ve been a size 5 forever and now I’m not even close, haven’t been for the last couple of years and I’m not liking that either!
Change of attitude is number three… I’m not sure which direction I’m going with that one, I just know it needs tweaking a bit. Am I too soft? Too brash? I think my temper maybe needs to be checked somewhat. Perhaps snarky with a big dash of not really giving a flip which in turn will make me a happier camper which will result in me actually being nicer when I should be, but tougher when I need to be. Yep, that sounds good!
Number four is that I definitely need to stop procrastinating, now that’s a really bad habit. I get easily bored and if it’s not stimulating to my brain, I really just don’t want to do it, whatever it is. Something I want to learn about? I’ll study it for hours on end. Some kind of electronic glitch? I can sit there all day long trying one thing after another until I finally figure it out. I do love a challenge and a puzzle! Any new game, recipe or whatever, I’m going to do it and keep doing it until I get completely burned out on it. No half measures for me! 😃
Number five, hummm, let’s see… I think I’m going to finally figure out what it is that I want to do with my life and I’m just going to do it! No more playing that waiting game, hoping for the perfect time to make things happen, I’ve got to be the one to make it happen! I always tell myself someday, but I’m running out of days and so someday may never come. I want to get my motorcycle license and not always just ride on the back, can’t do that sitting my butt on the couch! I want to start a full time business, be my own boss and be the one to call the shots, can’t do that spending all my free time on social media. I want to DO something, but I let myself get complacent and I use the crutch that now is not the right time. So when is the right time? It is NOW, right now, the right time is as soon as possible, but I’ve got to stop procrastinating, I’ve got to change my attitude, and that new hair color and weight loss plan would definitely help to give my spirits a boost! 😉 All of this would help to push me in the right direction of where I want to be… CARPE DIEM!!!

Lacey ☮