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The Others


Here I am, I’m all alone
I have nowhere to call my home
Another’s bed is where I rest
The Others tell me, it’s for the best

I eat and drink what The Others give
And let them say how I must live
I have my dreams, they’re buried deep
I only live them in my sleep

What I want can never be
Because The Others, they refuse to see
What’s best for me is not the same
As what they want, must play their game

In the dark is where I stay
The Others, they take my light away
There’s nothing left to look forward to
My world is grey, there is no blue

I guess they think they’re doing good
To care for me like others should
I help to make their life worthwhile
I lean on them and The Others smile

They can’t see that I am strong
That they can’t right my every wrong
I need to fight to save myself
But The Others put me on a shelf

So on a shelf is where I stay
A glass doll made to look, not play
A dusty relic with painted eyes
The Others refuse to hear my cries

To work for them, then that’s okay
To bend my back to pave their way
Because what they want is all they know
The Others, they won’t let me go

Can’t put myself above the rest
I know, cause I’ve been through that test
I always give, there is no doubt
Always let The Others win out

So back to slumber I return
To find the peace for which I yearn
In my dreams I have no care
The Others, they can’t reach me there