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It’s Raining Mensa…


“There’s a fine line between genius and insanity…” – Oscar Levant

Psychologists have discovered that creative people have a gene in common (called neuregulin 1) which is also linked to psychosis and depression. I’ve always loved this quote and wholeheartedly believed it to be true, now scientists are providing proof! I found this interesting and wanted to share because I think this applies to a lot of people, probably some that you yourself know, maybe even you!
When I was in grade school, I already had the IQ of an adult, when I got older older, it was at a steady 136-137, just short of the required 140 for Mensa, a group I desperately wanted to be a part of. Why you ask? A couple of different reasons really. The main one being because I know I’m extremely intelligent, but nobody seems to want to take me seriously because… I have a southern accent? I don’t have a slew of degrees? I’m female and put being a mother first? I really don’t know why someone would look down on me, just assume that I lack in the cerebrum area, but I run into it a lot and it really ticks me off! I don’t want to continually justify what rattles around in my noggin, while others are treated like gold drips off their tongue every time they open their mouth, so it would be a much desired affirmation for me. The other reason was purely selfish, I WANTED IN! I became like a dog with a bone, testing my IQ over and over again because I wanted to belong with this elite group of individuals, be accepted into something special, I guess kind of like wanting to pledge to a sorority. I still want it, but I’ve accepted that I’m just not Mensa material and I’ve stopped trying, (I never took the official Mensa test because you only get one shot at it), but now on the other side of the coin, I truly enjoy my quirkiness. I make people laugh and think and feel something deep down inside. All my life I’ve heard “You’re weird, you’re crazy” and my all time favorite, “You just ain’t right!” I like that I’m different, that I’m truly an individual with divergent ideas. People need to realize that different isn’t bad, it isn’t wrong, it’s just, well, different! One of my favorite sayings is “If we were all the same, what a boring world this would be!” and I’m anything but dull, (unless I’m on my best behavior and not being the real me, now THAT’S boring). I have bad days, when it’s hard to live inside of my own skin, like when I get really tired and my thoughts get wonky. My mind doesn’t say sleep, it says give up, give in, just let go and this isn’t mentally or emotionally healthy, but I slog my way through it and eventually it does get better. Sleep, water (I consume way too much caffeine in lieu of this) and positive mental stimulation helps tremendously. Anger is a great motivator, but it burns up your reserves too quickly and then you crash, HARD, it’s kind of like a sugar rush. If you ever find me just sitting in the shower until the water runs cold, then you know that something isn’t right in my inner world. I don’t know why being pelted with a continual deluge of warm spray helps, but it does, it makes me feel a little better. So anyway, the next time someone tells you that you’re different or odd, say “Thank you!” and know that you’re probably 10x smarter than they are!

Lacey ☮

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