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Feel Safe


If it makes you feel safe, then do it. It doesn’t matter who laughs at you or who looks at you disdainfully, if it helps you to find inner peace, then just do it. I have a thing where I “secure the perimeter” every night before I go to bed. I check every door to make sure they’re locked and all the lights are out except for some little shine peeking out from
somewhere in every room that I have an occasion to walk through. If there are people in my home overnight (even my mom), I have to have my bedroom door shut, I still hear every sound, but not as intense. I’m the last one to go to sleep because I listen for the quiet, making sure that no one goes behind me and undoes any of my nightly “work”. When we go out, I don’t sit with my back to the door and I carry my purse and jacket with me everywhere. I always lock my car, no exceptions, every time I park it. These are some of the things that make me feel safe and I do these things religiously because it puts my mind at ease and I can relax and focus on other things. It helps me to have a normal life. You deserve as normal a life as you can possibly have as well. If it brings you peace of mind then do it. Don’t let anxiety take away precious moments if it can be prevented. Do you need that particular pillow or fuzzy blanket to get a good night’s sleep? Then by all means, have it, even if you’re staying overnight somewhere and it perhaps makes someone raise an eyebrow. You can’t resist the urge to check 2 or 3 (dozen) times that the door is actually locked when you go out? Then rattle that knob baby! And then go on and enjoy your outing with an easy mind. The point being, everyone is different and everybody has their own little quirks, some are just more apparent than others. You deserve as good a life as you can possibly live, without apologies, without shame or guilt, full of happiness and blessed peace. <3

Lacey ☮

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