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My Hidey Hole


So I have this quirk, it’s not a bad thing really, but it makes my boyfriend super crazy! I like to hang out in my bedroom. I guess it’s one of those introverted things, but I look at it like this, it’s my comfy zone. Remember when you were a kid? Where did you spend most of your time when you weren’t outside harassing nature with your loud exuberance? In your bedroom, happily playing with your toys, listening to music or just curled up on your bed with a good book. My room was my space, my castle, my cave, period. Go to your room and shut the door and you’ve successfully blocked out all of the drama and petty annoyances that are usually associated with coexisting with other people. Peace and quiet, ahhh… So this is a personal tradition that I’ve pretty much carried with me throughout much of my adult life, I even indoctrinated my children when they got older! (Not really, they were doing that already all on their own…) We each had our own “apartment” and the rest of the house was “shared space” that everyone was responsible for. Everyone cleaned up their own mess after themselves, which wasn’t a problem because everyone pretty much just stayed in their own apartment! Knock knock, “Hey Mom, what ya doing?” “Playing Farmville, what’s up?” The child then proceeds to plop on my bed. “Nothing much, what’s for dinner?” “Spaghetti I’m thinking. Sound good?” “Sure…” “Wanna play some chess?” “Nah, not really, I just wanted to say hey.” “You mean you wanted to say that you’re getting hungry.” “Yeah well, something like that.” “Hint taken, I’m on it” sigh… But my children are all grown now and have moved out into the world to carve out their own little piece of it and it’s just me and my babe. I still like to hang out in my room, but he just doesn’t get it. “It’s not healthy.” “Why isn’t it? It’s the same air in every room and just as many windows to let the sun in.” “It’s not normal.” “Not normal for who? Many people feel the exact same way that I do, that makes it quite normal.” “You’re being antisocial.” “So? Your point being?” And that brings us right back to the NO DRAMA part… So maybe it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but hey, it keeps me happy! It makes me the well rounded, happy go lucky, gregarious ball of sunshine that I am! (Stop snickering…)

Lacey ☮

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