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The rock was strong and sturdy, it’s face craggy and pitted from the winds of time. The entire weight of the mountain rested upon this rock, day after day, night after night, yet the rock never murmured, never groaned. One day a tiny fissure appeared, but it was ignored. The crowd announced that this rock so strong, that it would stand forever and they continued on with their lives. Trash was strewn about on the ground it rested on and graffiti marred it’s once pristine face. The crack grew larger and continued to deepen, but the crowd walked by with unseeing eyes. Then one day, with a low rumble, the rock split in two and crumbled into pieces, into tiny pebbles, and the crowd marveled as the entire mountain came down in a cloud of dust. Then they continued on their own path, kicking the pebbles out of their way.


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