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Behind My Back

Always I’ve tried to help you even when thrown back in my face
Always I’ve tried to be there for you but what you give back is a disgrace

I hear you whispering about me, you’re not offering me any support
When someone is talking about me, I’m convicted without any court

I thought you were my best friend, but that’s not true behind my back
You think that I don’t hear you when I’m placed under attack

So why am I now colder when you choose to smile my way
You question my intentions but I question now my faith

How am I supposed to trust you the one I counted on the most
Me and you against the world I confidently used to boast

I see you present two faces, the implications I can’t miss
I almost wish I didn’t know, ignorance would be bliss

Consorting with my enemies, no protection when I’m not there
I don’t know why, I just ignore her, I’ve often heard you share

Where’s my righteous indignation, the very same you fling at me
If I don’t silently fall in line because I’m not allowed to disagree

Perhaps I’m viewed as something less, not worthy of a voice
But that’s not how I see it and soon will have no choice

I will take a stand and fight, I’ll be the only one fighting for me
Keep whispering behind my back and I will take of you my leave

I thought you were my best friend but what friend would kick me blind
I’d be better off with no friends than to guard against your kind


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  1. Wow! This is powerful

    1. Thank you… 😊

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