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I am so very tired, of holding up the weight
Of all the many problems, that seem to be my fate
I don’t ask for much, just happiness, that’s all
But nothing’s ever simple, my trouble’s never small

I’ve lost my faith in mankind, no longer do I believe
That people live the golden rule, so often they deceive
And it seems eternal love, will never be for me
All I have is a broken heart, no caring do I see

I’ve finally reached the point, that I loathe to leave my bed
I’ve no strength to face the day, and there’s screaming in my head
I don’t change my clothes, why should I brush my hair
Daily chores seem pointless, I’m not going anywhere

And what difference does it make, If I ate anything today
Everything is tasteless, so I push all food away
I’ve unplugged the phone, and I’ve ceased to check the mail
I ignore all of the papers, and the ringing of the bell

I no longer want the company, of the world outside my door
I only want to lie in bed, until I am no more
The tears I cry seem endless, I feel so very weak
Everything seems hopeless, and peace is all I seek

I think it’s called depression, somewhere I must have read
When someone is forever sad, and wish that they were dead


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