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Tag: Poetry

Sorrow 0

Sad Serenade

The lights have dimmedThe crowd grows silentAs I step up to the microphoneMy voice wavers ever so slightlyBut no one noticesThey’re too enthralled with the musicEven the misty tears go […]

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In The Morning

The day is waningFull of promisesOf the upcoming night Eyes of emeraldLips of rubyEntice me into love Drowning my sensesWith silky soft hairAnd alabaster skin Your kissesYour caressesLeave me reeling […]

Love 0

My Prince

My Prince, my Prince, my beautiful PrinceRest your weary head on my breastLet me soothe your troubles awayFor soon I know you’ll return to the seaOur destiny had brought us […]

Songs 0


1-Damaged people loving peopleBecause we all have our secretsPeople turn from damaged peopleBecause they all have their secrets You can’t help me, I can’t save youI can’t change me, but […]

Sorrow 0

The Sea

The kind restless seaIt calls out to meAnd invites me into it’s depthsThe ocean, it hearsMy falling tearsAnd soft sprays wash them awayAgainst rocks it railedAs I loudly wailedIt’s rage […]