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Moonbeams here, moonbeams there
I saw the moonbeams everywhere
They lit the corners of the night
And softly kissed the shadows with light
Transforming the world into a magical place
They transcended all of time and space
And came to swirl around my head
As I lay there quietly on my bed
Through my window, they came to me
And softly whispered, please come and see
I was lifted upon a carpet of light
A gentle ride into the night
My face caressed with loving wind
The touch was warm upon my skin
I then came down in a field of gold
Flowers danced in the moonbeams hold
I looked around, my breath was took
A valley of light with a golden brook
A far off castle brightly shone
The moonbeams said, this is our home
Then up into the sky once more
Until we came to the castle door
A handsome prince was standing there
With soulful eyes and raven hair
He kissed my lips and drew me near
Then said to me, I’m glad you’re here
I’ve waited long for you to come
My princess fair, you are the one
I give to you my very heart
And pledge to you, we’ll never part
I felt a peace I’d never known
I had a love to call my own
In the arms of a man, so kind
I truly felt this world was mine
The land was strange, but no longer to me
A world of moonbeams where hearts are free
The light was soft, a magical thing
It bound us close, I heard it sing
Sadness gone, we all have known
Our princess fair is finally home


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