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Won’t See Me Cry


Do you ever wonder why
It is that you never see me cry

I’m always such a happy thing
You can always hear my laughter ring

But I have a secret that I will share
My happiness isn’t always there

It’s just a front to keep from view
The sadness I want to hide from you

Will show no weakness, show no fear
Will hide the pain’s that always here

I have my reasons, it’s held inside
Only my pillow knows the tears I’ve cried

Cause I’m not as strong as I pretend to be
But my false bravado is all you’ll see

Being vulnerable is just too hard to bear
Instead of being sorry, they just don’t care

And then I felt foolish for letting them in
And the pain was intensified, still yet again

So you’ll never see the tears that will flow
I may be a fool, but only I’ll know


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