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Can’t Escape


My mind is screaming run
But I find that I must stay
To face the turmoil and frustration
That grows with every day

I’m stuck here in this cavern
And the walls are closing in
The dreams I have are only for freedom
And my sanity wears thin

Where is that fairy godmother
I read of long ago
That waves a wand of magic
And makes smiles from sadness grow

I have only but one window
To view the world outside
But the iron is strong that bars it
So within, I’m forced to hide

Huddled in a corner
Hit with stones that are hurled my way
I have nothing to defend me
So in the corner is where I stay

My only thought is to flee
But I have nowhere to run
Can’t escape my hated prison
I’m not free to seek the sun

There’s no key to open a doorway
In fact no doorway exists
There’s nothing to end the madness
The stone throwers, how they persist

Inside a tomb of granite
Life has become my grave
My spirit withers with every day
Til there’ll be nothing left to save

Trapped in an endless nightmare
My mind is screaming run
But I close my eyes in fitful sleep
And wait til my time is done


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