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Hurricane Blues


Well alrighty then, just got power back about 4 hours ago, it’s been out since yesterday afternoon. No lights, no air conditioning, no internet! 😮 You learn real quick what’s important to you. (My cellphone, my laptop and my vape.) I did have the option to go somewhere else, but I couldn’t do that to my furbabies. They were already freaked out from all the wind and rain and since both of them are rescues, they get skittish real easy. The best thing for both of them was to just hunker down, stay put and tough it out right here at home. So Hurricane Florence, she was projected to run me right over here in NC, but thank the Almighty, she veered and I didn’t quite catch the force of it that I was expecting, but still, it’s bad enough. Still lots of rain and the wind is yowling around the windows, but at least now I’m not lighting candles to find my way to the bathroom and sweating like a whore in church because it’s over 80 degrees inside! The babies seem to have calmed a bit as well since closing the windows, (I know, but I was dying!) and having the normal sound of the TV and whatnot in the background. There’s all kinds of flooding going on, but since I’m not going anywhere, I should be okay, also everything’s closed down anyway. Good thing I have plenty of Mt Dew and bologna! (and a blow-up raft if it comes down to it.) I cooked bacon and eggs on our gas grill this morning, actually turned out pretty decent, and grilled chicken on a salad for dinner, yummy! I’m an expert at scavenging and survival, so feel free to look me up when we have that zombie apocalypse! 🙂

Lacey ☮

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