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A Glorious Ride


Reach out, reach out
Take hold of my hand
Come along for the ride
My visions are grand
All you must do
Is to follow me
I’ll take you places
I’ll set your heart free
I’ll show you Paris
The city of light
I’ll give you Rio
We’ll dance through the night
We’ll drink champagne
With the British elite
I’ll pick you tulips
A special Dutch treat
We’ll take a cruise
Aboard a large yacht
We’ll dig up treasures
That time has forgot
Whatever you want
Then that’s what we’ll do
No adventure’s too big
Our limits are few
All you must do
Is to come with me
And I will be glad
For your company
I’d have no fun
If you were not here
My visions would pale
And no longer seem near
Please say you will
With you by my side
I know that we’ll have
A glorious ride


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