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Who Is This?!


So, recently working as a telemarketer, I’ve learned a little something regarding human behavior and phone etiquette and it’s this, PEOPLE ARE NOSY! (and rude I might add, but I already knew that.) There are times when I run across a wrong number, (although the one I hit on today that was actually the Sheriffs Dept, I’m pretty sure that was purposefully set as an ambush. Does someone think there’s an actual phone police maybe?) and it almost never fails, they still want to know who you are. “Hi Jane, my name is Lacey and I’m calling on behalf of yadda yadda yadda.” “There’s no Jane here.” *Me squinting at the computer screen* “My apologies, I was looking for either Mr. or Mrs. Smith, is this a good number for them? “They don’t live here.” *Me* “Yes ma’am, I do apologize for bothering you, have a great day!” “Wait! Who is this?!” *Me* “Again, sorry I bothered you, goodbye.” So at this point, all I want is to hang up so I can continue to my next call, the timer is ticking! “I SAID, WHO IS THIS?!” Wait, what? You just said that I had the wrong number, therefore my intended call has absolutely nothing to do with you. So #1, why do you care who I am and #2, why do you seem to care so vehemently that you’re now literally yelling at me? I’m telling you folks, phone-call warriors! If I was standing right in front of them, would their behavior be different? I.. think.. so.. I may be kinda small, but I’m scrappy! Peace out! 🙂

Lacey ☮

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