Why must you always lean on me, I’m just a child after all
I’m afraid that I’ll tip over and I’m afraid I’ll let you fall

Why is it that you depend on me when I should depend on you
For emotional well being, for warmth and comfort too

Please let me be a child again, why must I be so strong
It’s hard for me to act adult, I don’t know right from wrong

I should look to you for guidance, but instead I hide my fear
I don’t want to ever upset you, I pretend no problem’s here

Why am I the one you lean on, your weight’s too great for me
I can barely hold myself upright, you ask too much you see

I try to resolve your problems though they’re hard to understand
I only wish to stop your tears and make you smile again

I try so hard to hold you up, but let me ask you this
If I should be the one to fall, who’s there to clean the mess


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