I always tell myself that tomorrow is another day, that it will be a better day and most of the time I do believe it. That when I wake up, I won’t hate the world and feel like crap. That I’ll be just a little more clever and much better at my job. That somehow I’ll find more hours to accomplish something constructive and that I’ll actually have the desire to do it! That tomorrow I’ll be thinner, younger looking, more energetic, that I’ll take time to actually put on a little makeup and paint my nails, maybe even take up yoga. Tomorrow I’m going to work on that tan that I desperately need. Tomorrow I’m actually going to leave the house and maybe go shopping and convince myself to enjoy it (I literally HATE shopping, mostly because of the crowds and the check out lines). My closet is screaming to be organized (my fat clothes are all mixed in with the skinny ones), my kitty definitely needs a good grooming and my pepper plant is starting to resent me from the lack of attention (I swear it waits for me to walk by and it flings fallen leaves at me). All of these things I’ll do tomorrow, well, maybe some of them, okay, one thing, at least get one thing done that I can cross off my list for at least another 24 hours. Another day comes and goes, where does all the time go? But there’s always tomorrow…

Lacey ☮

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