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Lois Lane…


This is what it takes to get me to leave the sanctuary of my beloved bedroom… Food! Wonderful food that I didn’t have to cook and an outing with my honey. This is a chicken fajita omelet, it looks a little messy, but it was so yummy!

My man doesn’t realize how much I depend on him, he’s totally my security blanket, you know, like Linus from the Peanuts dragging that blue scrap around. As aggravating and ill tempered as he can be (he’s a not young Italian 😀 ), he’s become my world, my safety net, my motivation. Almost every decision I make is based on how I think he’ll receive/perceive it. I have his back (to the best of my ability) because I know that he has mine. That’s a relationship folks! It’s taken him a little time (quite a bit actually) to realize the extreme of my social anxiety and peculiar introversion because being mostly a homebody himself, it didn’t really stand out until this past year and that’s probably (definitely) a lot my fault because I simply never talked about it. It’s hard to admit to your significant other that hey, I have problems, I’m not like most of the other people that you’ve known, I’m not perfect. I don’t think he really grasped the magnitude of it at first, how hard it really is for me to socialize, how much energy it takes to get through it, how draining mentally and emotionally it is, how it can just beat the crap out of me under certain circumstances, but he’s starting to see it now and his expectation of me is changing, he’s become more understanding, more gentle (still always my best friend). As I said, my security blanket, my teddy bear, the thing that I cling to when my inner storms threaten to engulf me. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not weak, I have a great amount of strength when the chips are down (or I’ve been pushed too far and my southern charm is replaced with the full force of my southern temper!) I’m like Superman, but even he had his kryptonite that rendered him powerless. So does that make Babe my Lois Lane?

Lacey ☮

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