I have my secrets you’ll never see
But if you knew, you’d understand me
For I don’t act like you’d expect
I see things different from all the rest
I live my life the way I choose
From my experience I draw my views
I’m not shaped the way you are
Because of secrets I travel far
Outside the norm, my life is shrouded
Although mysterious, my vision’s not clouded
So don’t feel bad if you can not see
The things I do and you misjudge me
I’m now resigned to the way things go
I’m often doubted but I won’t show
That I do care about what you think
You’ll never know I’m on the brink
Of falling apart most every day
My secrets hurt and they’re here to stay
They’ve made me what I am right now
I can not change but I will not bow
My head in defeat, I will go on
Although it’s hard without someone
Who understands my heart’s not free
That my secrets are a part of me


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