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My Prince

My Prince, my Prince, my beautiful Prince
Rest your weary head on my breast
Let me soothe your troubles away
For soon I know you’ll return to the sea
Our destiny had brought us together
But the hand of fate is fickle indeed
In time I’ll be left to stand on the shore
To sadly watch your ship retreat
My Prince, sweet Prince, man of my dreams
Remember my face as you glide over waves
See that the love in my heart was pure
Though only a harbor in rough seas
Your sail will unfurl and again catch wind
So hold me against your chest gently pounding
Let me feel the warmth of your lips
Love lights up soft eyes tinged with tears
Your face being a direct reflection of mine
My Prince, true Prince, my dear noble Prince
Grieve not though our yearning is fierce
The time that we had can never be matched
No two hearts could ever beat stronger
Remember when you must turn away
This choice was not ours to make
Bless your way, stay safe from all harm
Hold tight the thought that you may return
That our paths may cross again in the time
That stretches before us like an endless ribbon
Remember the maiden you left on the beach
Whose soul now intertwines with yours
Hold fast to the memory of laughing eyes
And lips that curved upward only for you
Embrace me tightly for one last touch
Before you follow your destiny onward
My Prince, my Prince, goodbye my sweet Prince
I’m choking back tears as my heart overflows
Letting go of the Prince that I love


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