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Sad Serenade

The lights have dimmed
The crowd grows silent
As I step up to the microphone
My voice wavers ever so slightly
But no one notices
They’re too enthralled with the music
Even the misty tears go unseen
As I put all my heart
Into this final chorus
Because it is dedicated to you
And as my love and heartbreak
Reverberates around the room
Couples draw nearer
Tender smiles on their lips
As they again realize
That what they have is special
And then the curtain falls
An escape from the prying eyes
As sobs begin to wrack my body
I gave it my all
The applause is deafening
Cries of encore filter through
But I can no longer perform
The misery is too prominent
The wounds are too raw
My memories are like razors
Slashing through my poise
My voice shared the love
Now my silence sings of sorrow

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