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Daddy’s Tears

I watched the tears stream down his cheeks 
And my bewilderment was great 
Here was a man so strong and proud 
And his pain I did not rate 

I had tried hard to act adult 
And make my cares seem small 
I never asked him for anything 
I wanted to stand straight and tall 

I didn’t realize that what he needed 
Was for me to lean on him 
That I had made him feel helpless 
That he wanted to be my friend 

He felt that he had let me down 
When that really wasn’t the case 
It was I who had failed him 
For my life had been such a waste 

I laid my cheek next to his 
Our tears intermingled as they fell 
I stroked his hair and whispered comfort 
My heart was breaking, but I did not tell 

Here was the man that I loved so much 
Who had given me strength through the years 
And it hurt that I had caused him pain 
I didn’t deserve my daddy’s tears


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