Stubborn Old Ladies

So day before yesterday, about 7 in the evening, my mom started blowing up my cell phone. I had volunteered to work over so I just kept cutting off the ringer, but her face continued to dance across my screen over and over. Groaning inside, wondering who had died because of her persistence, I delayed... Continue Reading →

One Day

So in a rare moment of feeling sociable,  I agreed to help out someone and let them ask me some questions for their psychology class, no big deal, and it really wasn't, but I did start it with a warning "Don't ask me a direct question unless you really want a truthful answer." You see... Continue Reading →

Mind Mapping

Okay, so right off the bat let me say that this isn't a paid review. I took this test not too long ago because it was recommended to me from another source and what I have to say about this is that it's AWESOME! amazingly, eerily accurate. I was classified as  ADVOCATE PERSONALITY (INFJ,... Continue Reading →

Lois Lane…

This is what it takes to get me to leave the sanctuary of my beloved bedroom... Food! Wonderful food that I didn't have to cook and an outing with my honey. This is a chicken fajita omelet, it looks a little messy, but it was so yummy! My man doesn't realize how much I depend... Continue Reading →

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