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Orb Of Light


You came to me in dark of night
And gave to me an orb of light
I watched it glow in the palm of my hand
Till it filtered through my fingers like sand
I mourned its loss, where was the glow
That once had comforted and warmed me so
I’m back in darkness, the wind blows fierce
A veil of black that nothing can pierce
I wish I had never known the touch
Of that orb of light that I loved so much
I wish I had never been able to see
How much happiness it gave to me
For endless night now blots the day
And though it’s always been this way
I would never have known that in the night
There once existed an orb of light


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Let Me Be A Child


Why must you always lean on me, I’m just a child after all
I’m afraid that I’ll tip over and I’m afraid I’ll let you fall

Why is it that you depend on me when I should depend on you
For emotional well being, for warmth and comfort too

Please let me be a child again, why must I be so strong
It’s hard for me to act adult, I don’t know right from wrong

I should look to you for guidance, but instead I hide my fear
I don’t want to ever upset you, I pretend no problem’s here

Why am I the one you lean on, your weight’s too great for me
I can barely hold myself upright, you ask too much you see

I try to resolve your problems though they’re hard to understand
I only wish to stop your tears and make you smile again

I try so hard to hold you up, but let me ask you this
If I should be the one to fall, who’s there to clean the mess


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Girl At The Well


I saw her draw some water
From a bucket, dirty and old
She cupped her hands and filled them full
To drink liquid, dark and cold

The well had long been overcome
With plants and their debris
And minerals made the water brown
But this, she did not see

She only wished to slake her thirst
And of the children at her feet
The day was long and the sun was hot
And they’d had no shelter from the heat

My heart went out to this poor soul
Who herself, was merely a child
Her stomach large with an unborn babe
And the landscape around them was wild

I approached them across the rocky ground
And her face lit with a smile so shy
Her eyes were a dark and trusting brown
And I paused to wonder why

This girl it seemed, had nothing at all
She had even less than me
But she’d warmly greet a stranger
And no sadness did I see

I gave to her a pouch of broth
That I carried on my side
I watched her take it gratefully
And my emotions, I tried to hide

I slowly turned and walked away
There was nothing more I could do
I had given all I had to give
Though it wasn’t very much, I knew

I wondered who would care for this lot
And give them their daily bread
Who would put clothes upon their back
Where would they lay their head

This girl, she was a stranger to me
I didn’t even know her name
But still I felt I knew her well
For our lives were both the same


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Can’t Escape


My mind is screaming run
But I find that I must stay
To face the turmoil and frustration
That grows with every day

I’m stuck here in this cavern
And the walls are closing in
The dreams I have are only for freedom
And my sanity wears thin

Where is that fairy godmother
I read of long ago
That waves a wand of magic
And makes smiles from sadness grow

I have only but one window
To view the world outside
But the iron is strong that bars it
So within, I’m forced to hide

Huddled in a corner
Hit with stones that are hurled my way
I have nothing to defend me
So in the corner is where I stay

My only thought is to flee
But I have nowhere to run
Can’t escape my hated prison
I’m not free to seek the sun

There’s no key to open a doorway
In fact no doorway exists
There’s nothing to end the madness
The stone throwers, how they persist

Inside a tomb of granite
Life has become my grave
My spirit withers with every day
Til there’ll be nothing left to save

Trapped in an endless nightmare
My mind is screaming run
But I close my eyes in fitful sleep
And wait til my time is done


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I am so very tired, of holding up the weight
Of all the many problems, that seem to be my fate
I don’t ask for much, just happiness, that’s all
But nothing’s ever simple, my trouble’s never small

I’ve lost my faith in mankind, no longer do I believe
That people live the golden rule, so often they deceive
And it seems eternal love, will never be for me
All I have is a broken heart, no caring do I see

I’ve finally reached the point, that I loathe to leave my bed
I’ve no strength to face the day, and there’s screaming in my head
I don’t change my clothes, why should I brush my hair
Daily chores seem pointless, I’m not going anywhere

And what difference does it make, If I ate anything today
Everything is tasteless, so I push all food away
I’ve unplugged the phone, and I’ve ceased to check the mail
I ignore all of the papers, and the ringing of the bell

I no longer want the company, of the world outside my door
I only want to lie in bed, until I am no more
The tears I cry seem endless, I feel so very weak
Everything seems hopeless, and peace is all I seek

I think it’s called depression, somewhere I must have read
When someone is forever sad, and wish that they were dead


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Broken Wing


How can I fly with a broken wing
I can’t do much of anything
I’m forced to perch upon the ground
And look for crumbs that’s scattered round
I once relied only on my wit
Now it’s on others who watch me sit
This is no life for a spirit free
Don’t like to accept their charity
My will is strong, I want to soar
Not sit and wait upon the floor
And others tire of caring for me
Don’t understand why they can’t see
Instead of take, I’d have much to give
Returned to the sky where I should live
I’d repay my debt when they hear me sing
If someone would fix my broken wing