My Prince

My Prince, my Prince, my beautiful PrinceRest your weary head on my breastLet me soothe your troubles awayFor soon I know you'll return to the seaOur destiny had brought us togetherBut the hand of fate is fickle indeedIn time I'll be left to stand on the shoreTo sadly watch your ship retreatMy Prince, sweet Prince,... Continue Reading →

I Thank You

My mind drifts backTo yesterdayWhen we were loversWe shared a tendernessA closeness thatCan not be definedBut you left meAlone and afraidNot knowing whatTomorrow would bringI had to face upTo my world of darknessTo dreams that wereIncomplete without youI thank you nowFor making me strongMaking me live for today *Lacey*

Today I Am Happy

It's been a great dayIt started with songThat beautiful soundOf my morning alarm I got to see friendsWhizzing by on the streetOn my daily commuteTo that place that we meet You know the placeWe have a daily inviteA card that we stampTo get our paycheck just right Only eight hours todayPlease say that you jestI'll... Continue Reading →

Set My Heart Free

The air is so humidBut I'm still so coldIt lingers inside meThese icicles of lonelinessEncasing my heartIt's a frozen shieldI've designed to protectFrom further painBut to shut out the hurtYou must also block outAll the simple pleasuresLike a baby's smileAnd sweet roses in bloomI can only be whole againTo seek what life offersWhen the radiance... Continue Reading →

What Is Loyalty

So I sat down today determined to write about something, but I really wasn't sure what it was that I wanted to address. There's a number of things that have been running through my mind, some I would like to share, more still that I wouldn't for various reasons.I've been thinking a lot about loyalty... Continue Reading →

Heart On My Sleeve

1-I hide it all insideYet my heart is on my sleeveJust look into my eyesAnd see all that is me I want to hide from youAnd try to bury meI don't care what you doI can always lie to me Chorus-About a future that will stayA horizon that won't changeA road that will run trueNo... Continue Reading →


1-Damaged people loving peopleBecause we all have our secretsPeople turn from damaged peopleBecause they all have their secrets You can't help me, I can't save youI can't change me, but I want toLook beneath this tattooed armorYou will find a man of honor But you have to dig... Chorus-My mother never loved meMy father never... Continue Reading →

Break The Cycle

So I'm trolling on Facebook, something I do about 30 minutes of every day and I follow a few different animal sites, so I get more than my fair share of furbaby pics. Well there's this video of "Hero dog won't leave his friend" and it REALLY ticks me off. This poor dog has been... Continue Reading →

Be Honest With Me

Please always be honest with me no matter what the costAlthough it may hurt my feelings, at least my respect won't be lostIf you'll be big enough to tell me exactly what's on your mindI'll be big enough to take it, please don't leave me blindI always know when something's wrong, when things are not... Continue Reading →

Seize The Day

At the beginning of every new year everybody does the same old thing, make New Year's resolutions. I quit participating in this annual ritual some years back, but this year, I'm diving right back in again. This new year is going to be the beginning of a new me! New do, that's number one, because... Continue Reading →

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