Christmas Joy

So we drove over two excruciating hours one way to get to my mom's house and share what was supposed to be a family Christmas get together. Not all of my family was there, but it was still a delightful time with lots of yummy food and a loving, entertaining, albeit small, group. My son... Continue Reading →

Oh Heavenly Father

Oh heavenly Father, my only friendPlease hear my cries above the dinI am lost and all aloneI need a hand to guide me homeI no longer have the will to fightDrenched in darkness, I see no lightOh heavenly Father please hear my pleaWon't you come and rescue meFrom the depths of gloom where I now... Continue Reading →

I Miss You

You said to write something happyBut the words, they just won't comeAll I know is that I miss youAll I know is that I'm aloneSo how can I be joyfulWhen you're so far awayFor all I want is to hold youAll I want is for you to staySo forgive me if I'm not happyAs these... Continue Reading →

Pet Me…

Our 8 year old puppy hasn't been feeling well and my honey was laying down next to him on the floor, stroking him, petting him, talking to him soothingly and I thought "You know, that's really sweet, I never get petted like that when I don't feel so good, I'd like to be babied like... Continue Reading →


Friends of Tennessee's Babies with Special Needs... I recently had the opportunity to speak with one of the "Volunteers of the Year" at and he was so passionate while speaking about the work that he's been doing for this organization that I felt compelled to go and check it out. Of course he literally... Continue Reading →

The Sea

The kind restless seaIt calls out to meAnd invites me into it's depthsThe ocean, it hearsMy falling tearsAnd soft sprays wash them awayAgainst rocks it railedAs I loudly wailedIt's rage was great at my painThe waves wildly crashedBecause my hope was dashedAnd in sympathy it pounded the sandWith sorrow it churnsAs my heart yearnsAnd I... Continue Reading →


I have my secrets you'll never seeBut if you knew, you'd understand meFor I don't act like you'd expectI see things different from all the restI live my life the way I chooseFrom my experience I draw my viewsI'm not shaped the way you areBecause of secrets I travel farOutside the norm, my life is... Continue Reading →

Roast Turkey

You want tender turkey? Brine, brine, brine! I found this wonderful secret and haven't looked back since.The night before you plan to roast it, in a small pot put in 1 cup salt, 1 cup brown sugar, 1 Tbsp sage and 1 Tbsp black pepper. Add enough water to fill and just bring to a... Continue Reading →

Behind My Back

Always I've tried to help you even when thrown back in my face Always I've tried to be there for you but what you give back is a disgrace I hear you whispering about me, you're not offering me any support When someone is talking about me, I'm convicted without any court I thought you... Continue Reading →

Somebody’s Trophy

I've always been somebody's trophyThey want me and fight hard to winBut when I'm finally won overI'm tossed in a corner againI hang upon a muscled armA pretty bauble to be admiredThey show me off to all their friendsAn object to be desiredBut when it comes to time aloneThey have no time for meThey spend... Continue Reading →

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