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Girl At The Well


I saw her draw some water
From a bucket, dirty and old
She cupped her hands and filled them full
To drink liquid, dark and cold

The well had long been overcome
With plants and their debris
And minerals made the water brown
But this, she did not see

She only wished to slake her thirst
And of the children at her feet
The day was long and the sun was hot
And they’d had no shelter from the heat

My heart went out to this poor soul
Who herself, was merely a child
Her stomach large with an unborn babe
And the landscape around them was wild

I approached them across the rocky ground
And her face lit with a smile so shy
Her eyes were a dark and trusting brown
And I paused to wonder why

This girl it seemed, had nothing at all
She had even less than me
But she’d warmly greet a stranger
And no sadness did I see

I gave to her a pouch of broth
That I carried on my side
I watched her take it gratefully
And my emotions, I tried to hide

I slowly turned and walked away
There was nothing more I could do
I had given all I had to give
Though it wasn’t very much, I knew

I wondered who would care for this lot
And give them their daily bread
Who would put clothes upon their back
Where would they lay their head

This girl, she was a stranger to me
I didn’t even know her name
But still I felt I knew her well
For our lives were both the same


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