Was it all a dream last night or did you hold me in your arms
Did you gently wake me with the morning light, did you enchant me with your charms
Were your sweet lips pressed softly to mine, your body warm as you lay by my side
Is this happiness that I’ve chanced to find or later will I find my mind lied
I still can hardly believe it’s true, but I’ve only to look over and see
A quietly sleeping, wonderful you and believe your heart you gave me
But still it feels just like a dream when I recall the words sweetly said
Or maybe some writer’s elaborate scheme remembered from a book I once read
How could it be that you really want me, a prince so handsome and true
Tell me what it is in me that you see, that you whisper the words “I love you”
If it’s true it’s only a fantasy, please let me continue to sleep
Let the smile on my lips continue to be, allow me my happiness to keep
I safely nestle in your embrace, I thank the heavens for smiling down
My fears are gone without a trace and sadness can no longer be found
You look at me with loving eyes, there’s tenderness in your touch
The way you feel, you can’t disguise, your face says you need me so much
Your breath is warm upon my skin, could it be you’re as real as you seem
A man like you, could I possibly win or is it all just really a dream


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