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Please God

Please God, watch over Daddy, he’s the only one I’ve got 
And I love him very dearly, please his name don’t blot 
From Your book of life on earth, for here I need him more 
He’s my oasis in a desert, when at sea, he is my shore 
I know You would be happy to have him join You there 
For he’s such a caring man, no grudges does he bear 
But please God, do not take him, there’s more here he can do 
Without his hand to guide, my awards here would be few 
I need to hear his laughter and see the love there in his eyes 
I need to feel his warm embrace as he soothes away my cries 
And it’s not only me that needs him, I have children as well 
And they adore their grandpa, with love their hearts too swell 
Please God, let me be selfish and want to keep him here with me 
Even though Your home is better, I beg you, hear my plea 
Extend his time for a little while, even longer if You will 
Don’t be in haste to take him, for I’ll never have my fill 
Of the fatherly love he gives me, no one could take his place 
I always long to hear his voice, always want to see his face 
Please God, grant my prayer and have mercy on this child 
Please don’t take my daddy, I need him for a long long while


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