Letter To Dad

Dear Dad, 
I guess this letter is a little overdue, considering you were buried this week. But still I wanted to reach out to you, I have a promise to keep. 
I promised myself that there’d come a time when I’d tell you everything in my heart. So I’m keeping my word & I’m writing to you, for even in death, we’ll never part. 
I love you Dad and I always have, you’ve always been a hero to me. Someone to look up to when times have been bad, you’re someone I wanted to be. 
When I didn’t know which way I should turn, I’d ask myself what would you do. Then the answer was clear and I would find strength to see all my hard times through. 
I realize that there wasn’t much time that we really had together. But the time that we had was made even more precious for I knew we didn’t have forever. 
Maybe it was wrong to put you so high, but it’s a place I felt you deserved. Only a father can offer pure love and you loved me without any reserve. 
It makes me sad to think that you’re gone and won’t know what I’ve made of my life. But I know you’re in Heaven and that you’re looking down and you’ll see all my peace and my strife. 
I’m going to work hard to make you proud of your girl, to fulfill all your hopes and your dreams. I’m going to try hard to leave my mark on this world and to carry out my plans and my schemes. 
I’ll be someone that you’ll proudly say, she’s my joy and my pride. And I’ll owe it to you, for you’ve guided my way and always been there by my side. 
My Daddy Dear, I miss you so much and I miss the sound of your voice. But I won’t be alone, for you’ll always be here, death can’t take away that choice. 
You’ll always be firmly tucked in my heart and nothing can take that away. And when my time comes, I’ll see you again, a joyous reunion we’ll make. 
So I’ll close this now and leave you to sleep, your rest, you’ve surely earned. For you’ve worked hard all your life and it wasn’t easy having to worry over your girl. 
I never wanted to cause you concern or give you a moment of grief. My love was so strong that I wanted to shield you, so I kept all my troubles brief. 
I now know that you can see everything, there’s nothing to hide from you. But also you’ll see that God walks with me and you’ll have a brighter view. 
So goodbye for now Dad, we’ll talk again soon and I’m sure I’ll have good things to say. Take care of yourself and don’t worry about me, you know that I’ll be okay. 
It won’t be long before I will join you and can tell you face to face. That I’m proud you’re my dad and I’ll always love you, no one can ever take your place. 
Your loving daughter, Lacey

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